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Specialists in what lies just ahead
We publish visionary works, primarily non-fiction by authors who are experts in technology, sociology and business management. More importantly, we seek out works that provide an imaginative vision of the near future from a cultural perspective. One example is Smart Mobs by Howard Rheingold, which we translated and published in French. It became a best seller.

We believe you’ll find the work of our French authors equally intriguing and successful. We have provided some descriptive material here, and sample excerpts in English are available on request or on our website, just in case your own French is a bit rusty.
But first, a word from our culture.

A French frame of mind
While our language is certainly the world’s most beautiful, we must admit that (despite our best efforts) English somehow became today’s lingua franca. However, language shouldn’t be seen as a barrier, because your list will definitely benefit from an infusion of French thinking. Our culture obviously has a certain appeal, or the tourists who visit France each year wouldn’t outnumber our country’s entire population.

There’s method in our message
To put it diplomatically, our approach to technology, business, politics and economics is generally more humanistic, socially integrated and systematic than in most other countries. We tend to consider the long-term consequences of change. For example, when we design infrastructure, we plan methodically and implement standards before we start. That’s because we expect new technology to function properly from the start and endure for a long time. As a result, our dot-com bubble didn’t implode; it only shrank.

Futurology is an old tradition
Concerning innovation: Jules Verne surely had imagination in his genes, but being French probably helped too. Our high-speed trains are only one example of current tech he predicted. That newfangled Amex “smart card” you may use to purchase your ticket is a French invention we have used ubiquitously for two decades. Did the Internet change the world? Yes, and the Minitel terminal did a comparable job of connecting the entire French populace at 200/400 baud starting in 1982, when the fax machine was the biggest communication breakthrough everywhere else.

Nous aimons la presse
Our books have been extensively reviewed, both because they are innovative and because we actively court the media to ensure they get the exposure they merit. We’ll also help coordinate your PR efforts from the frog side of the pond. We can supply English translations of press clips, web pages, fact sheets, and author biographies. Most of our authors are fluent in English, so they can give live radio “phoner” or remote television interviews, provided they have a list of questions and topic points for reference beforehand. Many speak frequently at international conferences, and have given numerous interviews on national radio and TV. These books are extensively supported on the Internet. Each title has its own website, which will include videos in early 2006.

Translation sans tribulation
If you think translating one of our books might be tedious or costly, please reconsider. In Europe, we have translation down to a science, simply because we do so much. If you wish, we can arrange to translate and post-edit your title at the usual rate for translation alone. We’ll coordinate the project, and you’ll have a completed manuscript—culturally adapted, updated as needed, approved by the author, and edited to your specifications—in a few months (If August is involved, add one month. That’s when we all simultaneously go on vacation in France). Your final publication should require no more than minor editorial work by your staff. Just provide a style manual or a copy of a current book as a stylistic guide. Our aim is to make the job no more costly than your normal process of shepherding an original book project through the stages of authorship and editing.

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